Pay Your Bill

Deposit and Deferred Payment Agreement

In spring 2016, Waunakee Utilities will charge deposits to residential customers who have the ability to pay for utility service but accumulate an arrears amount during the winter moratorium on disconnection. Rules administered by the Public Service Commission allow utilities to collect deposits equal to the total of four consecutive monthly bills, billed in the previous twelve months.

Waunakee Utilities will not offer payment agreements to residential customers who are tenants if any of the following applies:

1) has arrearages greater than $100.00 that are more than 90 days past due.

2) has defaulted on a previous deferred payment agreement in the last year.

3) had a balance put on the tax roll in the past two years.

4) has a balance 80 days or more past due.

If you are a qualifying low-income customer, you may be eligible for the Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program.  Qualifying for the program makes it possible for our Commitment to Community assistance program to help with electric bills.  For more information, call Energy Services at 267-8601 or check the Home Energy Website at

Please give our office a call at 849-8111 if you have any questions.