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Appliance Recycling Program

Want to upgrade or replace your old refrigerator or freezer and save big on your utility bill? Not sure what to do with the old one? Focus on Energy will pick it up for free and recycle it responsibly.

Recycling an old inefficient, working fridge or freezer can help you save up to $150 per year in energy costs and reduce energy waste. Visit Focus on Energy for program details and to schedule your FREE pickup. 

What to expect   

1.They’ll call you 1–2 days in advance of your appointment and estimate a 4-hour window of time when you can expect their team to arrive.

2.The driver will inspect your appliance to verify that it’s between 10 and 30 cubic feet and in working cooling condition.

3.They will safely remove qualifying appliances from your home and take them to our recycling center.  



•Standard-size refrigerators and freezers are eligible (10–30 cubic feet).

•Mini fridges are not eligible.

•Appliances must be in working cooling condition.

•Two appliances may be recycled per household, per year.

•Your electric utility must participate in Focus on Energy.

•Landlord authorization is required for multifamily customers.

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