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Elderly couple reviewing documentsDetailed information on our current electric and water rates can be found below:

Current Rates

Nights & Weekends Smart Plan

Residential customers have the option to apply for time of day rate option (RG2). This structure defines a peak time period for on-peak at which all consumption used is charged a higher cost than regular Residential (RG1). Likewise, all consumption not used on-peak is considered off-peak and all off-peak consumption is charged a lower cost than RG1. The on-peak period is defined as Monday-Friday between 8am-8pm, excluding Saturday, Sunday, and holidays.

The current regular RG1 rate is $0.1005 per kWh. The current RG2 rates are $0.179 per kWh on-peak and $.058 per kWh off-peak. At these rates, if your household can move 60% ot total usage (or more) to the off-peak period then RG2 would be a more beneficial rate. To see if switching to the Nights & Weekends Smart Plan makes sense for your household, check out the rate comparison tool on MyAccount.

The Nights & Weekends Smart Plan requires a 12-month commitment. If you are ready to consider making the switch complete our simple sign up form.

Customer Bill of Rights

Waunakee Utilities is regulated by the Wisconsin Public Service Commission. You can read your rights as a municipal utility customer by downloading a copy of the WPSC Customer Bill of Rights.

Energy Assistance Program

For some customers, including seniors on fixed incomes, energy expenses can be a financial burden. Our local Energy Assistance Program is designed to help income-qualifying households cover their energy costs and reduce the financial burden they face.